RUM Alliance

Our Principles of our Alliance

  1. Always consider and take action to preserve the beauty of the earth, and our natural environment.
  2. Play a major role in the field of motor vehicle revitalization.
  3. Remove the burden on the environment with the achievement of 100% re-usability of resources.
  4. Build a Japan that is no longer a ‘Garbage Powerhouse’, but is instead a power in the conservation of natural resources.
  5. Contribute to the development of a society that conserves the earth’s environment through recycling.
  6. Include all relevant persons, to urge and elicit inspiration.
  7. Gather people who think deeply, and work together, who hold to the same ideals and ideas.
  8. Strengthen and support each other, not through competition, but through cooperation.
  9. Disclose and share information, to achieve a symbiotic relationship with each other.
  10. Seek out new standards, obtain licenses, and operate lawful and proper motor vehicle recycling business.
    • + Industrial Waste Disposal Business Licenses, and Waste Collection Industry Licenses.
    • + Demolition Industry License and/or Crushing Industry License (under Motor Vehicle Recycling Law in Japan)
    • + Environmental ISO 14001