RUM Alliance

The Origin/Foundation of our Alliance

Where will our 'more' society end up? In a world that is moving from a production-based market economy to a consumer-based free market economy, our society has in no time changed from a place where there is 'never enough' to one in which there is 'too much'.

Our societal 'garbage problem' has been around for a long time, but it is clear that it is now a problem which cannot be ignored. It is necessary for not only society in general, but individual companies to begin to take responsibility for making serious attempts to tackle the current problems. It is surely impossible to avoid the responsibility for firms in the 21st Century to have a strong resolve in working towards and understanding the current problems, and maintaining high principles.

The earth's resources do not lie in inexhaustible supply. Many are built up over the earth in mountains of garbage. This is testament to how the world of the 20th Century used up more resources than we needed to. However, if the people of the earth take pity on its environment, and if the voices that are crying about the 'garbage problem' can be turned around to consider 'giving life to things', today's garbage can become a 'great resource'.

As companies and organizations that have moved on from the 20th to the 21st Centuries, we must take on this responsibility, and must not pass on the burden of such a poor heritage to the rising generation. There is no way to remove these burdens but by working and studying together to this end. We believe that this can lead to us being able to hand over a bright and rich heritage to those who follow us. Our companies and organizations must hold on to the 'romance' of the 'great heritage' that we are building for our children, and we see it as our mission to continue to send this message to all in our society and throughout the world.